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WhatsApp attack: 'Tens of thousands' fall victim to Russian voice message ambush​


A phishing attack designed to look like a WhatsApp voice message has already compromised tens of thousands of email accounts.

The tried-and-tested attack method appears to be a harmless email containing a link to a WhatsApp voice message.

But anyone clicking on the link is taken to a malicious website that attempts to install a virus on the victim’s device.

Cyber security researchers at California-based Armorblox report that nearly 28,000 mailboxes – across both Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook program have been impacted by the ambush.

More worryingly, the company says the email attack comes from a valid Russian-based domain.

The experts say the ‘mailman.cbddmo.ru,’ domain is associated with an organisation known as the ‘Center for Traffic Safety of the Moscow Region’ – which is a part of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The phishing email contains the subject line ‘New Incoming Voicemessage’ and is supposedly from a WhatsApp Notifier function.

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