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MSFS The Skypark from //42 for Microsoft Flight Simulator


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Do you load up your simulator and wonder where to fly? Would you like to earn virtual money and spend it on virtual things? Do you look at the wall and feel like headbutting it? Okay, ignore that last part. //42 have released The Skypark, a virtual world where you conduct missions and tasks to earn points and rewards - either legally or illegally (in a virtual setting I might add). You can perform tasks for ClearSky (Legal), Coyote (Illegal) or Skypark Travel (Legal), or even all three. The choice is yours. You are provided with an interactive piece of software that acts like an iPad and it looks and feels great and performs well, plus it's so easy to use with a voiced tutorial explaining the steps.

More features are planned for The Skypark. At this time //42 have a roleplaying Discord server for users of The Skypark and that can be access on the following link - skypark at https://discord.io/skypark

The Skypark is available on Orbx Direct via the following link - //42 The Skypark at https://orbxdirect.com/product/p42-the-skypark

Some further information about The Skypark:

What can I do with the money?

While In "Early Access", we're learning the rate of gains before introducing pilot costs. In the future, you can expect MANY things to spend your money on, but planes will never be one of them. It's important to get the pace of profits and losses just right so the game scale remains fairly true to life. Fun over frustration is our goal.​

Where is the manual?

In the initial stages of development we had a saying; if we need a manual, we're doing it wrong; using a Skypad should be as easy as using a smartphone. We've provided interactive "in-game" training sessions when you first start your new Skypad. That said, before a V1 release, we will be transcribing both Brigit's Skypad overview and Jeff's Introductory Flight Training to English and various other languages in a .pdf for those that prefer or require text.​

What planes can I fly? / Can I buy planes?

First, some context. In The Skypark, you're a "contract pilot." Clearsky contracts you to get jobs done, bring your own equipment, insurance, certifications, etc. Think of it like being a Truck driver that has to bring the right trailer for the job. We're firm believers that a piece of software should not keep you from being able to use the add-ons you paid for in real cash in the real world. We aim to enable and encourage their use more than any other available utility. There WILL eventually be measures to exclude highly improbable equipment from being used.​
TLDR: You can fly anything you have in your hangar from Helicopters to Wide Bodies unless the contract requires specific equipment. There WILL be measures to exclude highly improbable equipment from being used.​

Will The Skypark run on an iPad or Android tablet?

NO. Well, not at this time, but I wanted to say no as the first word to save you from buying if you thought it was or from having expectations of seeing it soon. The Skypark is a complex Windows application that runs outside the simulator. Bringing it into mobile would take a significant amount of development time.​
Those who have been tracking the product's evolution know that we DID previously demo it running on mobile devices and even a Tesla, but that was with a cloud infrastructure, which does not currently exist. One day...​

Can I move my Skypad to another display?

Yes, Skypad is an application that runs outside of the simulator; you can move it to another display. Additionally, you can move it to touch screen displays for added immersion, or with 3rd party software, you can extend your displays to a tablet and use it there.​

Can I resize the Skypad?

Yes! You can select the perfect Skypad size for your setup in the Settings app.​

NOTE: Skypad is built for displays at a resolution of 1080p or above, and a windows display scaling setting of 100% & text scale setting of 100%.​

Can I use my Skypad in VR?

VR support depends on whether or not the Microsoft/Asobo VR implementation allows external windows into the VR space, at this time they do not. Remember that in the P3D and XP world we use 3rd party software which was built to enable this. If they let external windows inside, the answer flips to yes. Ask Asobo, there is nothing we can do about this.​

Is this available for <insert any simulator besides MSFS2020> yet?

No, The Skypark is only available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020​

Is The Skypark an Airline Manager, Like an Airline Manager, Going to be an Airline Manager? Sort of an Airline Manager? I want to speak to the manager, who's the Manager?

If you're looking for an Airline Manager, The Skypark is not for you. If you're looking to be a contract pilot with a hangar full of aircraft that explores the entire globe on amazing hand crafted contracts & experiences, welcome! There is only 1 manager here, @Brigit, the rest are just Pilots.​

How much space will I need to install The Skypark?

The Skypark will require ~2GB of space on your C: drive for the initial download. Sadly, the installed location shown in Orbx Central can't be changed and is used to store the installer. Once downloaded, The Skypark will decompress files to your specified location.​
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