The Drinkable Book



I am pretty damn proud today of one my Universities.

Not only did they develop something that can change the world and impact the lives of millions (if not everyone) but it also provides tons of details on how to filter water. This book however you can also tear the page out and use it to clean water and make it drinkable. About 1000 liters of water per page.

What else I love is that the book is being designed in such a way that it is affordable for everyone. Most companies would release this with an asshole price tag that keeps it out of the hands who need it.

A book You don't want to put down! In partnership with Dr. Theresa Dankovich from Carnegie Mellon, WATERisLIFE introduced The Drinkable Book™, the first-ever manual that provides safe water, sanitation and hygiene education and serves as a tool to kill deadly waterborne diseases by providing the reader with an opportunity to create clean, drinkable water from each page. We are working on a variety of languages, teaching methods and ways to share the message through training, storytelling and discussions in communities and schools worldwide where there is a desperate need. Each book can provide a user with clean water for up to four years.
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