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Free Game Stasis (DRM-free) free from GOG.com

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GOG is having another sale and when they have a sale, they're always good for free games. This time, they're starting off with the sci-fi horror adventure Stasis.

GOG page[www.gog.com]
(claim from the banner on their front page)

- Account required: GOG.com with e-mail marketing opt-in
- DRM-Free (NOT Steam)
- Offer good thru August 25, 1300 GMT.
- Steam store page for comparison.

There will be three more freebies over the course of this sale and as a bonus, they've also added Dink Smallwood HD[www.gog.com] to their "always free" collection.

Sir Levi came out of stasis and found this one for us. Thanks!

After a long dry Summer, it's nice to have giveaways again.

Article source: steamcommunity.com - Click here to read more.
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