MMO New World Update 1.3.2

New World Update 1.3.2 downtime will begin at 11pm PT (7am UTC) on February 9.


Greetings, Adventurer!

This week’s update includes a few fixes and changes for the end-game, alongside some additional updates.


  • Fixed an issue where the unlock messaging was inconsistent on higher Mutator difficulties. Difficulties 1 - 5 still states Silver rank is required and difficulty 6 - 10 now state Gold rank is required.
  • Fixed an issue where equipment couldn’t be upgraded while storage was opened, if there were umbral shards in storage.


  • The Absolute Terror item’s second Keen perk has been replaced with the Refreshing perk.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players in PvP to enter a state where their movement speed was incorrectly adjusted for long periods of time.
  • Fixed an issue where the same player could be listed multiple times on the War/Invasion roster list.
  • Hatchet
    • Fixed an issue where the On Fire passive was providing an escalating damage boost to critical hits.
    • Fixed an issue where the On Fire passive was not triggering a guaranteed critical hit on every third attack.
    • Fixed an issue where DoT damage was resetting the hits of the Accumulating Power passive preventing it from being consistently triggered.

Thanks for your support! We'll see you in Aeternum.

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