My new toy


Nice, should get a few years out of that, you might need it to at the rate prices keep climbing.

Shame that crypto mining and DRAM shortages are kinda screwing PC gamers at the moment. Prices for GPUs, SSDs and even PSUs are eye watering.
I am not looking forward to anything needing replacing over the next 1-2 years, unfortunately I may need to refresh my SSDs at some point. Hurry up and finish that new factory Samsung.


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is it here yet? Division might be good game to play a little , me des squatchy and rob just getting back on it today, lots more added now


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Currently downloading division and a few other things. I've found my microphone and i'll use some headphones for now - I can't find the damn USB dongle for those wireless ones Des gave me. I'll get some speakers at some point but a monitor is the next thing to go for at the moment :)
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