Free Game Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 (DRM-free) free from GOG

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Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! The 2023 Warhammer Skulls event is here! GOG's offering is a digital goodies pack that includes a DRM-free copy of Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000.
(Claim from the banner on their front page)

- Account required: GOG with e-mail marketing opt-in
- DRM-Free (NOT Steam)
- Offer good thru May 28, 1600 GMT.
- No Steam comparison page, this one's a GOG exclusive.

The GOG page for this game lists it with a price. Don't be confused. It will be added for free to your library when you claim the digital goodies package.

Pay attention, just because the word Epic is in the headline....

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