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Free Game FGF Update: Should Itch.io Content Stay In Mega Threads + Information About New User Flairs

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Hello everyone! Hope you've all been having a lovely time since our last chat like this. We wound up surpassing 225,000 users some time back, so huge thanks for that as well! Hope you've enjoyed FGF!

Today I'd like to spark a discussion on something I've seen brought up a little more lately in comments, the current method of posting Itch.io content to FGF.

As some of you may know, we currently have Itch.io content in a very weird position on FGF. We ask that majority of itch.io offers be posted in mega threads rather than like normal. Some time back, we started allowing more freedom to post things like "highlights" or "high tier" offers on the platform. This was left vague intentionally, as we wanted to avoid the problem associated with itch.io. That issue being the sheer volume of itch.io content we would, and used to, see posted regularly. Since having these posted in their own mega threads (which are promoted by the automod weekly), we've seen far more itch.io content being shared than before, but now users that were against the platforms "spam" weren't bothered by it!

As of late, we've had a couple people seemingly air grievances about this practice, so today I wanted to gauge current opinions on the thread. Should we continue having all this stuff locked to mega threads like this? Should we simply increase the current rate in which the thread(s) are promoted? What would you do differently? Please let me know your thoughts on the matter. I've also included a strawpoll for a numeric vote on the matter, but please shar your words on top of that. Far more valuable, the votes are good too though.

Should FGF Continue "Locking" Itch.io Offers to Mega Threads? - https://www.strawpoll.me/45334642

Now that we've spoken on that, I wanted to quickly have a discussion on some new user flairs you might have seen in recent times. I'll also been unveiling one we've been talking about internally as well!

Above you can see a quick album showing off the "Dev Flair", "Staff Flair", and the newest one, "Star Flair". The dev and staff ones are just meant to be better representations of roles some people play when posting stuff. Just wanted to differentiate some things. On top of that, the star flair is our newest thing! That flair is likely going to be given out to the most helpful and cool users of FGF, or something like that. It's currently only on /u/Fhczvyd474374846, and /u/johni643636, however it's just meant to be for testing the waters thus far. Figured it'd be worth mentioning!

Huge thanks to /u/Nemetona and /u/Saulios for playing huge roles in these flairs!

That's all I have to announce and mention for this update. Thanks for the read! Please be sure to let me know your thoughts on the itch.io discussion. Have a great day, thank you for using FGF! <3

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