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Simulation Elite Dangerous: Update 7.01 and Horizons Update (PC Only)

Greetings Commanders.

Thanks so much for the continued responses from so very many of you, following this week's deployment of Update 7 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, along with the 'Quality of Life' update for Horizons.

We have a couple of issues we'd like to tackle sooner than later, so these will be going out this early afternoon.

Servers will flick offline at approximately 13:30 UTC / 14:30 BST (give or take several minutes) and will be expected to be down for no longer than 10 minutes for the updates to deploy.

PLEASE NOTE: Updates of this nature are in the pipeline for Console players. We're targetting next week for deployment of those (Certification time required).


Updates of note for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
  • A fix has been implemented for where engineered weapons were....dealing extreme amounts of damage (I have no 'wit' left in me to give you anything more on this one...other than that really was a lot of damage).
  • A fix has been implemented for the tutorial not starting when selecting 'Start' from the main menu.
  • Tritium collected in a legitimate way should no longer be marked as stolen (slander is bad. Zero tolerance).
  • Folk flying around in their ships (NPCs) can now be expected to spawn around settlements and planetary ports or in space locations that are close to planets.
    • Such as Conflict Zones & Resource Extraction Sites.
  • A fix has been implemented for Commanders receiving too many credits when selling commodities at a profit (between this and 100000000000 x damage multipliers, you'd think every day was your birthday).
  • An issue has been fixed whereby some players were receiving a "Commander Data" error when logging into the game after logging out, when embarked on an Apex Interstellar ship.
  • An issue has been fixed with insurance discounts being calculated incorrectly when remotely rebuying & transferring a destroyed ship (honestly beginning to think that the Elite Dangerous Galactical Finance Corp are on annual leave...).
  • Investigating Commanders who were unable to modify their suits or weapons.
    • Commanders should no longer have issues with engineering suits or weapons!

You'll like this one (I hope...)
  • Reverted change to Data Ports that made downloading all forms of Data an illegal act.
    • Now, only data that is alarmed is illegal to download.
    • We've also reduced Data Transfer times by up to 75% following your thoughts and feedback.

Forgive the first point of repetition here, but I just want to make "what's in where" as crystal as possible.

Updates of note for Elite Dangerous: Horizons (PC ONLY)
  • THAT fix has been implemented for engineered weapons dealing extreme amounts of damage.
  • A fix has been implemented for an issue where extremely large value combat bonds would be displayed incorrectly preventing hand-in.
  • Top bounties now display correctly in each system.
  • Improvements to material fragments, when mined from deposits, have been made - reducing the likelihood of them getting stuck inside asteroids.
  • A general stability fix has been implemented to prevent one of those illusive server crashes.

Known Issues (working on 'em. Standby)

Heads up: COMPLETELY aware there are more issues you would like to be listed here, but I'm only listing out the primary ones that fell out heavily since the last update. We're obviously continuing to look at the legacy known issues collected from the past weeks/months/year.

  • Interdiction UI is offset from the centre of the cockpit view.
    • Guess what! We all thought it was missing too! Turns out it's gone on holiday to the far side of the cockpit glass.
  • Fleet Carrier UI can softlock.
  • Fleet Carrier UI sometimes fails to format incorrectly.
    • Instances where you see icon overlaps, button sizes changing or appearing strange, buttons randomly becoming un-clickable. Oddities like that.
  • Commanders shall move their lips again! Lip sync issues are getting some special attention following continued reports.
  • The Session Log within the Codex is greyed out and inaccessible. We've bagged this one.
  • Some weapon damage values are still potentially not entirely what you were previously used to. We'll carry on looking into instances of these.
  • Investigating a report of Interstellar Factors not working as expected.

Hope this helps as many of your as possible ahead of your weekend, Commanders!

We'll be on standby to go through the deployment dance with you all, so until then...o7!


Source and further reading - Elite Dangerous: Update 7.01 and Horizons Update (PC Only) - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-update-7-01-and-horizons-update-pc-only.590283/page-3#post-9524313
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