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Simulation Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 8.01

Greetings Commanders o7

Wow. A Friday. I guess we made it!

As part of this 'very real feeling Friday' we're releasing a client side point update* for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey this morning, to address a number of issues the team have been able to tackle, following the release of Update 8 this week.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey servers will be offline from approximately 11:00 BST (10:00 UCT)
Servers are expected to come back online, with the update available at around 11:15 BST (10:15 UTC - maybe even sooner. Not long anyway).

These are client side fixes, so an update to the game is required.

Horizons only players will not be affected by this downtime.

* As a reminder, "point updates" are updates which target specific issues in the immediate timeframe following a release (in this instance, Update 8). They do not include new feature content.


8.01 Update Notes:
  • A fix has been implemented to address some severe camera shake persisting after a Thargoid Interceptor has scanned you (But who can deny, they can be pretty terrifying right?).
  • A fix has been implemented to address camera shake persisting after players are shot multiple times in combat/in close proximity of heavy gunfire (no seriously, pull yourself together...).
  • A fix has been implemented to address a crash that could occur during a Thargoid encounter.
  • A fix has been implemented to address Russian characters appearing corrupted in multiple locations, including:
    • Typing into the Galaxy Map Search Bar.
    • Galnet Local News Articles.
    • Typing into the on-foot comms panel.
  • Larceny Missions will now grant rewards correctly (🙏).
  • Takedown Missions will now once again grant goods, assets and data as mission rewards instead of ship engineering materials.
  • Improvements made to invite tracking for on foot engineer Eleanor Bresa, when disembarking at settlements in Colonia system.

I'm going to copy these next bits along from my other thread yesterday on the Thargoid combat bonds cap fix for Horizons, just in case anyone missed it, DO because they're still very valid:

As usual following any major update to Elite Dangerous, thank you so, so much for the feedback and reports here in the Forums.
A few issues captured I will mention from the magic notebook (primarily for Odyssey at this moment but thought you might be interested) are:
  • Investigations into Colonia Engineer progression issues.
  • Facilities list in System Map is appearing blank (all platforms).
  • Some odd behaviour with reactivation, massacre, restore missions not completing for Commanders.
  • Delayed loading of stations (pop!)
  • Strange behaviour around Unrestricted Access areas acting Restricted.
    • Instances of Commanders being attacked for being in a Restricted Areas, but the area was not restricted.
  • "Backward Engine Trails" (Elite...I love you but why?)
There are more individual experience reports coming in which aren't listed here, of course - this doesn't mean that all of those suddenly don't count. All very valid and valuable and being plucked away at amidst the rolling comments and feedback (thank you!). These are just a very select few to show a little nod to note taking.

Odyssey Performance:
We'd also like to thank you all for your latest feedback on performance in Odyssey following Update 8. You've all been reporting things so constructively (including videos along with your system specs without me even asking!) which is massively appreciated, all things considered. You're never expected to go to the lengths you are doing, but many of you do - so thank you o7

It's been great to see those of you reporting major improvements but of course we are still absolutely continuing to note and dig into the remaining instances of performance issues when flagged.

Alright then! Let's go for one final time (shouldn't have said that...) this week with a big o7

See you in the black, Commanders.

Source and further reading - Elite Dangerous Odyssey: Update 8.01 Notes - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-update-8-01-notes.592315/