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Simulation Elite Dangerous Odyssey: Update 7

Many, many greetings Commanders.

The time is now...time! Update 7 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is welcomed in today with a plethora of tweaks, fixes and more as we journey onward with quality improvements, Galaxy wide.
Grab a coffee / tea / Lavian Brandy (Not too early, right? Sure! I'll join you. Don't tell Arf) and enjoy a moment reading through the update notes below.

Servers are now offline (or there abouts) and will (hopefully) begin spooling up again at 14:00 UTC (15:00 BST)
Please remember
that there's a chance not all platforms will be back online at the same time, but it'll be as near enough as possible.

We'll be on standby with our eyes peeled for the big moment with you.

Let's go! o7


Updates Of Note
  • Anti-Air Turrets have now been added to conflict zones.
    • Remember…Turret cut, turret down.
  • Added Apex Taxi redirection.
    • You can now redirect your Apex Shuttle mid-flight!
    • Redirection options are now available from the Navigation list, Galaxy and System Maps.
  • New variations of Social Hubs!
    • Changes include elements such as swapping out railings with alternatives, replacing crates and planters with other props to better suit the theme, using different partitions and wall pieces, swapping beams and roof sections, and adding pipes or more industrial looking geometry.
    • In addition, wealthy services and high tech stations now show less rubbish and junk on the floors, while the agricultural, industrial and asteroid stations are progressively more untidy.
  • AMD CAS has been re-added, and is mutually exclusive to FSR.
  • Enforcer Units are now present in Conflict Zones.
    • Show 'em who's boss.
  • Increased module and bookmark storage.
    • Commanders can now enjoy an increase in module and bookmark storage
    • There's a new limit of 200 each.
    • The increase limit only applies for personal bookmarks. The Squadron bookmark limit has not been changed.
  • An issue has been fixed with how damage is applied to Thargoids in order to fix Thargoid Hearts appearing to become invincible.
    • Fancy a bit more info on this? Damage was being applied to the local space of the Thargoid, but each client was rotating the Thargoid locally (like, each player's personal session of the game), so it would have hearts in different places. Amazing really!
    • Previously Player A could shoot thargoid heart but Player B (authority) would register that it didn't hit the heart and thus apply no damage.
    • Literally EVERYONE has a heart now, it seems. Sometimes more than one if you’re a Time Lord.
  • An issue has been fixed which prevented viewing and signing up to community goals as expected.
    • That one where you all had to go to Horizons sometimes to accept them, then relog into Odyssey.
  • An issue has been fixed which caused community goals to be removed from a commander while abandoning a mission.

  • AI in a settlement will now register a crime if they see a player transferring data.
  • Identity theft crimes spotted by AI should only be reported and result in a fine once.
    • Subsequent occasions just provoke hostility.
  • Criminal AI will no longer spawn after the power regulator at a settlement has been removed.
  • Criminals will now wear bespoke outfits.
    • Sorry, they're not going to be the black and white striped jumpers. Nor will they carry bags with 'swag' written on them, but still...(I know, I'm as disappointed as you are).
  • Reckless endangerment is now only triggered after a weapon has been drawn for over a second.
  • AI are now drawn more effectively to areas where alarms are active and do a better job of exploring the area.
  • Settlement AI will now attempt to re-enable a building's atmosphere if it has been disabled.
  • Guests at tourism settlements can no longer radio for backup.
  • After notifying the player, AI will always complete scans, providing that the player remains accessible and does not flee.
    • A bit more on this, why not: In very rare cases the AI would call out that they were going to scan you, but then just stand there all day like there's nothing to do and never actually walk up and scan you. The cheeky part of this then was as soon as you walk away, they would attack you for fleeing the scan.
  • Groups of AI shouldn't all announce at once when they are moving to weapons range.
    • Keep it down guys, we get the idea.
  • AI in different rooms should no longer engage in conversations.
  • Having a player ship visible but out of combat range no longer prevents AI from de-escalating from combat.
  • Grenade throwing is now replicated more accurately between players in multiplayer situations.
  • Enforcers now engage at distances suitable for their rocket launcher when they are outside and at pistol range when inside.
  • Enforcers will be more decisive about which weapon type they intend to use (This made me giggle a bit. Imagine them literally panicking on the battlefield over this decision).
  • New AI "barks" added. Going to keep the term "barks" because it's fun and elaborate more (it's basically like...AI audible responses and reactions to triggers...not dog related).
    • AI will be more responsive to the player when in combat, specifically they will now respond to players who are running away with a new piece of dialogue.
    • Civilians now have lots of new dialogue, including combat taunts, as well as new lines for when they're taking fire.
    • AI that are investigating an area should be a lot more talkative, especially if you hide after combat (Wanna know what they REALLY think of you?).
      • Nah it's more like, "They've gotta be here somewhere...", etc.
    • They will also now call out player sabotage attempts specifically, with dialogue for when players are disabling the power regulator, building atmosphere and interacting with the industrial dropboxes.
    • And corpses (special, even in death): AI should be more vocal when they discover lifeless bodies (I didn't want to write "corpse" again, in all honesty).
    • Previously, AI would sometimes talk over themselves when moving to combat, it was very noticeable when you failed a crime scan, they'd start one line then cut themselves off and say something else. This will no longer happen (they might still cut off what they're saying, but only in extreme cases such as when a grenade lands at their feet, etc)
  • NPCs in concourse areas will no longer get into states where they can't call out to the player.
  • NPC characters should now be positioned correctly at starports after player lands with flight assist off.
  • Settlement turrets will take damage from explosions and are more effective at determining who to become hostile to.
  • Ship launched fighters no longer spam 'Area Clear' messages.
  • Ship launched fighters can now always be recallable and shouldn't block players in other fighters from docking.
  • AI ships can now attack ship launched fighters.
  • It should no longer be possible for assassination mission target ships to drop out of supercruise so close to a star that they are unreachable.
  • Incoming dropships should deploy their troops if they are in final approach when a conflict zone ends, otherwise they should just leave (just go...).
  • AI arriving via dropship will transition out of their deployment animation when they land.
  • Shuttles that land at settlements without using the landing pad should now take off as expected when players board.
  • Recalled ships now retract their weapons and have working SRV bays when they land.
  • Attacking any offline settlement turret won't issue a fine to the player or trigger hostility.

  • Options to enable or disable suit voice lines have been added.
    • You can now either enable or disable the voice of your suit prompts (the dialogue your suit says to you when you're on foot).
  • Non-combat music cue timings at settlements and when in remote locations have been improved.
  • Apex Shuttle docking announcement UI and Audio timing have been adjusted to match the touchdown of the shuttle.
  • Mission complete animation audio fimprovements have been implemented.
  • On foot player impact hitmark "blips" have been improved.
  • Station service ambience 'start and stop' sounds have been adjusted and improved.
  • "Muffled" door sound has now been fixed and sounds appropriate.
  • Cockpit role panel volume has been improved.
  • On foot capture points are now audible through walls and other obstructions. Improvements also made to the distance roll off.
  • Instances of missing ambient music in the Codex menus have been resolved.
  • Grenade explosions audio mix has been improved:
    • Various changes have been made, including improved ducking of other sounds when very close to a grenade explosion, and distance attenuation tweaks.
    • Grenade explosions audio obstruction improved.
      • Grenade sounds no longer drop in volume as much when behind objects or when line of sight is broken.
  • External building ambience mix has been improved.

  • Fixed lip sync issues with Apex and Frontline pilots.
  • Fixed jump assist fuel usage so that holding the button and repeatedly tapping it will reach the same height.
  • Fixed an issue that was producing jittering while moving down slopes.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs might get stuck during death flow.
    • Little bit more insight on this for fun: The NPCs would stay in a weird "in-between state" where they were appearing on the floor but not quite dead (I know the feeling).

  • Fixed 'distance walked on foot statistic' not always incrementing correctly. This data will now be represented accurately.
  • Statistics for 'number of vehicles and ships destroyed' will now display whilst on foot.
    • PvP kills aren't fully retroactively displayed but everything else is.

Conflict Zones
  • A fix has been implemented for defending helm in space conflict zones awarding combat bonds from the opposing faction.
  • In the "conflict zone retreat gameplay flow" (the scenario where you retreat from a conflict zone), backpack contents will now be automatically added to locker (as much as possible) and otherwise dropped.
    • By “dropped”, be aware that this means that dropped contents will disappear upon you being teleported to the dropship.
  • Ship launched fighters no longer grant combat bonds in conflict zones.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby deploying in an SRV at a conflict zone could prevent you from joining a side in the conflict.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby suit mods would fail to be applied while respawning in a conflict zone.

  • An issue has been fixed whereby some control layering issues were preventing players from setting controls back to 'default scheme', due to key binding conflicts.

Commodity Trading
  • Odyssey settlements no longer advertise their commodity market prices via the galaxy map for Horizons players.

  • A crash that could occur when joining a team with a player who is currently at a mission POI in another system no longer occurs.
  • A crash that could occur when quitting while shared mission invites are outstanding has been addressed.
  • A crash that could occur while exiting to menu while using terminals no longer happens.

  • An issue has been fixed whereby bounties of physical multicrew members were not being detected by crime scans and added to their ship.
  • The Kill Warrant Scanner will now indicate crimes of physical crew members, not only the helm of the ship.
  • Receiving messages for claiming a bounty when destroying a player's fighter even though you don't actually gain a bounty claim until you destroy the mothership, no longer happens.

  • An issue has been fixed whereby an invisible wall could block players from reaching Bill Turner on some hangars (Poor Bill. Maybe he liked it that way).
  • An issue has been fixed whereby engineers sometimes took materials but didn't apply the mod (cheeky...).

Fleet Carriers/Mega ships
  • Fleet Carrier asset value has been added to the Commander total net worth statistic.
  • Added automatic Purchase Order Cancellation on Fleet Carriers that could no longer afford them, along with an Inbox message to inform the owner.
  • You can now donate stolen Tritium to a Fleet Carrier.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby Fleet Carriers were sometimes being erroneously marked as mission destinations on the system map.

  • Consumables can now be used directly from the ground using the secondary interaction key binding.
  • Tools can now be holstered by pressing the same button that equipped them.
  • Buying back items will now ignore entitlements so that Powerplay items that you are no longer eligible for can be bought back.
  • The Bartender no longer accepts trades for an item using the same item (They really like to cause trouble, don't they? Bartenders...).
  • Thargoid Swarm size now shows when targetted.
  • When attempting to trade with the Bartender whilst having a full inventory, some errors would occur. These no longer happen.
  • Third person aiming has been improved for when using the arc cutter, so that it looks more correct to observing players.
  • Confirming a transfer from the boarding panel will now return you to on foot unless this is an emergency transfer.
  • Powerlink siphoning used to continue while meleeing or using greandes. It doesn't anymore.
  • The disembark button is no longer greyed out when the player is in an area within a station where they can't disembark, such as the port surface or station inner dock.
  • Repair limpets will now repair the correct, consistent amount on ships with damage regions (e.g. Anaconda)
  • The Arc Cutter will now work through obstructions (e.g. other players - Yikes. Sounds painful)
  • Tweaks added for data port download/upload AI responses.
    • AI now consider any downloading and uploading to be a crime.
  • The item wheel button is now a toggle rather than hold interaction.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby the comms panels would not update availability of interaction options with other players while open (e.g. when a player logs in or off).
  • A privacy screen has been applied to terminals while other players are using them (that's so other Commander's can't steal your style before you even have the chance to try it on...).
  • Seeker and Pack Hound Missiles no longer cause double damage on shields.
    • Bit more on this if you like! Weapons that launch missiles, torpedos, or mines, no longer erroneously apply their damage twice to shields.
    • To clarify, this is for Odyssey only.

Lighting & VFX
  • Improvements to light that was leaking into some dock hangars have been made.
    • This was causing them to appear over-bright.
  • Additional improvements to space station exterior lighting and emissives have been made.
  • Improvements to Fleet Carrier lighting have been made.
    • Specifically that issue you were having with the very attention seeking pad lighting that was going on.
  • Improvements to Capital Ship lighting have been made.
  • Improvements to all ship emissives have been made.
  • A fix has been implemented for ship drives not appearing dark when your ship is docked.
  • Improvements to VFX of destroyed turrets have been made.
  • A fix has been implemented for "ghosting" (kids these days know this as only one thing. I myself am guilty of it too though, I won't lie) effects seen in cockpits when ship would overheat.
    • Seriously though, this kind of "distortion effect" would have looked like...multi-layering of visuals, a bit like having a halo around it, like a ghost (if you've seen one).
  • Improvements and fixes to the emissives on Thargoids have been made.
  • A fix has been implemented for mining lasers appearing faint in some situations.
  • A fix has been implemented for a missing light source on SRV ramp.
  • A fix has been implemented for a blinking green light going on in abandoned SRVs.
  • Improvements to lighting on assets at multiple legacy sites have been made.
  • A fix has been implemented for unstable shadows in some Settlement room locations.

  • Sorting behaviour in the livery store has been improved.
    • Bit more on this!: When browsing through any filtered Suit skins list, the sorting options were not correctly represented in game. For instance, if "Price Ascending" was set, the first item on the list will be the most expensive instead of the cheapest. Same when sorting by Name, instead of "Name Ascending" reflecting an A-Z list, the items displayed will be sorted from Z-A.
    • Bottom line is...Livery Store is much less confused about itself now.

  • Mission availability has been rebalanced, so that missions that should be less available based on a faction's current states don't unintentionally suppress the availability of other missions that are.
    • This results in improved Support mission availability amongst others.
  • Improvements to wording and layout for the objectives shown on the HUD during Odyssey missions have been made.
  • Scavengers scouring offline settlements will no longer appear to "pop-in" under certain circumstances and instead arrive via dropship.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby incorrect quantities of cargo were removed when completing a support mission.
  • Various mission stability updates have been made.
    • Digital Espionage missions would sometimes fail to display HUD objectives, this should now be alleviated.
    • Salvage missions to shipwrecks will now display HUD objectives as they were not previously.
    • In some instances, Scavengers that should be present for missions would not be present. This is now fixed.
    • In missions where we consider the mission completed after an objective has been completed and is considered irreversible, e.g. Assassination, more time will be added to the end of the mission to give commanders more time to hand in the mission (want me to type 'mission' one more time?).
  • Some missions had inconsistencies with missing text. These have now been fixed.
  • Illegal missions icons will now be highlighted in purple.
  • Faction icons have been added to mission listings.
  • UI has been improved for mission titles to allow longer mission titles to be displayed (no title truncation. Hooray!).
  • Passengers of abandoned or failed missions will now disembark as oppose to confining themself to a life of...staying put.
  • Incorrectly reported influence on completed mission summaries and journal entries now no longer happens.
  • An issue has been fixed for a cosmetic issue on completed mission summaries, that was incorrectly showing reputation and influence rewards as credits rewards.
  • The "Failed Missions" section has been removed from the rebuy screen.
  • Odyssey missions no longer erroneously appear beyond the Commander's current reputation level with a faction.
  • An issue has been fixed for being unable to locate a mission location on a planet surface, when you are a passenger in another Commander's ship.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby mission items relevant to the current location were not being automatically transferred into backbacks on disembark.
  • Team members will now be able to see markers for planetary locations relevant to missions that are shared with them.

  • When in multicrew on another players ship, if they are docked and lose connection with the host (e.g. the host logged off), crew members will be given a chance to choose to disembark rather than being forcibly relocated to their last on-foot location.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby the request docking button became unresponsive when in multicrew fighters and a crew fighter has already docked.
  • The ability to cancel docking from the mothership role panel has been re-added.
  • A fix has been implemented whereby the SRV could get stuck in a bay when a team member disconnects while in the SRV and boarding.

Organics & Geologicals
  • Improvements and fixes to the lava spout materials have been made, including the addition of emissives and improved blending.
  • Improvements to the mineable materials from Organics and Geologicals have been made.
  • Visual Improvements to several Tussock organics, including a smoother transition between LODs have been made.
  • A fix has been added for a floating gas vent seen at some locations.

Optimisation (tweaks made to hopefully positively contribute toward current player performance issues).
  • Large optimisation madeto vehicle collision:
    • A particular win for collision in the SRV and navigating over obstacles.
  • Various optimisation improvements have been made to AI pathfinding and navigation.
  • the loading time has been significantly decreased for when opening the system map in a system with settlements present.
  • Minor terrain optimisations have been made.
  • Optimisation to cuttable regions on assets have been made.
  • Optimisations to the lighting system have been made.
    • Including to the tiled lists, shading, light probes, and light culling.
  • Minor optimisation to avatar hair lighting have been made (Maybe they're born with it. Maybe it's optimised🎶).
  • Optimisations to the glass shader used in ships and guardian fighters have been made.
  • Optimisations to the glass shader used on social space and settlement props have been made.
  • Fixes and optimisations to the scatter rock LODs have been made.
  • Hitcheck optimisations on the landing gear of all ships have been made.
  • Optimisations to AI line of sight have been made.
  • Minor optimisation to AI movement has been made.
  • Optimisation tweaks implemented for the player HUD.

  • An issue has been fixed whereby only one of each outfitting module could be purchased direct-to-storage.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby invalid suit data would cause a client crash when accessing the customisation UI.
  • The Planetary Approach Suite will now always be automatically upgraded when logging in via Odyssey and downgraded when logging in via Horizons.

  • Improvements to the aliasing seen on planet surfaces have been made.
    • Please note that this continues to be investigated. We're not done yet!
  • Issues have been addressed for artefacting that could appear on a planet surface when moving closer to it.
    • Similary fixes included for artefacts that could appear in the landable planet textures.
  • Improvements have been made to the Ambient Occlusion on planet terrain.
    • You'll basically notice some mproved shadows and lighting on planet surfaces.
  • Improvements to landable planet texture blending have been made.
  • A fix has been implemeneted whereby scatter rocks occasionally blended with planet terrain incorrectly.
  • A fix has been implemeneted whereby scatter rocks occasionally had the wrong planet texture applied.
  • A fix has been implemeneted for some rocks appearing to float on slopes.
  • Further improvements to the roughness values of rocky and ice materials have been made.
    • Snow is shinier and rock is rougher, kinda vibe.
  • Improvements have been made to planetary detail on slopes around Horizons engineers that have their own unique bases.
  • New impact decals have been added for the rocket launcher.
    • Thought you might like the technical term on this one, but for those who don't know what these 'decals' are, they're like the little "splat" or...damage visual/image that appears when ammunition hits something like a wall when you've fired it.
  • Improvements to footprints made on ice lake materials have been made.

  • A fix has been implemented around mineral distribution from fumerole objects:
    • Bit more on this, so there's now improved consistency/rate for when finding particular grades of materials on planetary surfaces.
  • When relogging in a Thargoid site on foot, any of the player's SRVs will be relocated so they aren't stranded inside.
  • Container loot now 'snaps' to the ground to stop assets spawning under the surface or appear floating at POIs.
  • Fix implemented for NHSS not spawning their Interceptors
    • Non human signal sources 6,7,8,9 all have Thargoids present as expected.
  • The blue location marker in the nav panel will now not show on settlements or other surface locations unless you are actually close to them.

Powerplay (Just a couple for now but we're thinking about it!)

  • Improvements to the blending of spherical particles have been made!
    • Anything round and floaty. Usually quite pretty.
  • Settlement reactor glass no longer renders in front of steam.
  • A fix has been implemented for incorrect colours occasionally being present in the environment maps.
  • A fix has been implemented for artefacts most often seen in fog when using FSR.
  • A fix has been implemented for occasions when avatars at some stations would all have blonde (they do have more fun though, apparantly...) or white hair.

  • A fix has been implemented whereby some tourist beacons were positioned near rings, making them hard to approach.
  • A fix has been implemented whereby many mission tip off locations failed to spawn in Odyssey.

Settlements (new for Odyssey)
  • A fix has been implemented for a small gap that could appear beneath the entry archway at some Settlements.
  • A fix has been implemented for some instances of z-fighting on roof assets at some settlements.
  • A fix has been implemented for hitcheck at the bottom section of the reactor asset to now prevent players from being able to be pushed through it.

Settlements (Horizons)
  • Further lighting and VFX improvements have been made to Thargoid sites.
  • A fix has been implemented for a missing schematic for the cargo rack model.
    • This primarily affected minor wreckage sites.
  • The positioning of a known settlement has been re-adjusted to prevent players clipping through its ramp section.

  • Improvements to the 'metallic' visuals of the SRV have been made.
  • A fix has been implemented for bullet decals/effects not being present when firing the SRV dual repeater on planet terrain.
  • A fix has been implemented for the Python shield percentage appearing unreadable against cockpit materials.
  • A fix has been implemented for the orientation of the rear utility mounts on the Asp and the Asp Scout.
    • Chaff launchers now point rearwards.
  • A fix has been implemented for missing textures on the drives of some wrecked ships.
  • Fixes and improvements have been made to the materials of some exterior and cockpit wrecked ship assets.
  • Improvements and fixes to the materials for wrecked Anaconda, Sidewinder, Cobra MKII, Federation Fighter, Diamondback, Eagle and wrecked Type 9 ships have been made.
  • Improvements and fixes to the materials for wrecked Thargoid Scouts have been made.
  • A fix has been implemented for the landing gear bounding volume of Krait.
    • Some players could potentially walk through it. Now they shouldn't be able to.
  • Visual effects incorrectly displaying from impact made to the SRV windscreen have now been fixed.
  • A fix has been implemented for the Beluga rear view of the Camera Suite to prevent it clipping into the hangar by default.
  • The Beluga external fixed camera of the Camera Suite now shows more of the side of the ship.
  • Reinforcement Dropships now have police paintjobs applied to the ship - including for Federation, Alliance and Empire.
  • Continued improvements and adjustments to ship paintjobs have been made, so that they match much closer to Horizons:
    • Vivid Paintjob for the SRV, Federation and Empire Fighters
    • Azure
    • Apollo
    • Crypsis
    • Pharoah
    • Mechanist
    • Osiris
    • Precision
    • Predator
    • Salvage
    • Squadron
    • Turbulence
    • Icarus
    • RazorMetallic
    • Synth
    • Tactical
  • Fixed infinite reload time when synthesising ammo for SRVs with an empty magazine.
  • Altered ship vs human collisions such that ship velocity is taken into consideration. Stops humanoids being launched into the air, being damaged at low velocity, and makes surface slippy so they are more likely to fall off.

  • An issue has been fixed which caused the shipyard to display only your current ship, even if multiple owned ships were stored there.
  • Whilst on foot, you will now be able to rebuy destroyed ships that had fine and bounties.

Social Spaces & Hangars
  • Station social spaces will now have theme variants! (See more info in ‘Updates of Note’ section at the very top of this post).
  • A fix has been implemented for the area close to turbo-lifts, where Camera Suitse could clip through geometry.
  • A wall position has been adjusted which could cause a small gap in hangars.
  • The Vista Genomics logo is now darker and more legible.
  • A fix has been implemented for texture artefacting on some hangar pad doorways.
Home stretch! Let's churn through this last, lovely lot!


  • UI will now indicate if the player has been issued with a reckless endangerment or trespass warning.
  • UI will now display the correct Scavenger count in the objective for Eliminate Scavenger missions.
  • External Panel - Added a new UI for redirecting Apex Shuttles in-flight, by selecting a valid destination from the Navigation panel or via a new Apex panel which leads to the galaxy/system map
    • Dropships and scripted taxis cannot be redirected.
  • External Panel - A new button type has been added to the Nav Panel's location popup, for Apex Shuttle redirection.
  • External Panel - A fix has been implemented to stop location information text overlapping with the selected option text, when focused on a location in the navigation panel.
  • Map UI - Text has been centered for tooltips when they have multiple lines.
  • Map UI - Tooltip item renderers have been polished.
  • Map UI - Updated the Friends panel in the Galaxy Map with a new icon.
  • Map UI - Added a new Friends sticky panel to the Galaxy Map, which displays a list of friends in the selected system.
  • Map UI - Searched Squadron bookmarks will now have their text green in the drop down list.
  • Map UI - The speed of map panning when in VR mode has been increased.
  • Map UI - Added bookmarks to the Galaxy Map Search system. Added Squadron bookmark support too.
  • Option Panel - An issue has been fixed whereby combo buttons with only 2 options would occasionally highlight another similar button when selected.
  • Missions - Audio events have been added for the Mission Reward animation.
  • Mission Board - An issue has been fixed with the passenger lounge cabin picker input using the mouse.
  • Mission Board - An issue has been fixed with the passenger mission details panel not adding certain item renderers.
  • Mission Board - Planetary missions now display a "planetary" icon instead of Horizon's logo.
  • Mission Giver - An issue has been fixed whereby a truncation issue from a mission giver, where commodities/material rewards with long names, would get cut off they go over 2 lines.
  • Contacts Panel - An issue has been fixed whereby text was getting cut off when there were no contacts in your contacts panel.
  • Transfer Panel - Updates have been made to the images used for Regulator Housing schematics for use in the Transfer Panel.
  • Transfer Panel - An issue has been fixed which could cause a long list of items to intersect with the header while on foot.
  • Transfer Panel - Fixed a corrupted Russian string in the transfer panel.
  • Transfer Panel - Fixed an issue that was present with mouse input when selecting a button in the toggle transfer popup.
  • Transfer Panel - Support has been added for mode transfer (discard/transfer), and closes the popup when switching between discard mode and transfer mode.
  • Transfer Panel - The transfer panel has been updated in the SRV/Cockpit to have the correct enabled state on the confirm button after a transaction has been completed, instead of this defaulting to always enabled.
  • Transaction Panels - Re-enabled the threat level and coloured background in transaction panels when relevant.
  • Transaction Panel - The contribution string in the community goal transaction panels can now go on to multiple lines without issue.
  • Transaction Panel - Fixed some padding issues (areas around the UI) for the community transaction details.
  • Role panel - Removed the toggle off sound from the Tabbed Content Panel.
  • Role panel - Fixed blurry avatar for NPC crew members.
  • Cockpit UI - An error has been fixed whereby the shield text string would persist after targetting an object that shouldn't show any shields.
  • Cockpit UI - Added "HostDisconnect" icon where relevant to improve feedback for host disconnection.
  • Cockpit UI - An issue has been fixed whereby a targets health would be mismatched between the targets panel on the left, and the gauge target panel.
  • Comms - Fixed Team options popup not opening in ship comms panel.
  • Comms - Fixed Comms UI sometimes showing wrong data when initialised with social tab.
  • Comms - Fixed tab switching on the comms panel when looking at it in freelook.
  • Comms - Fixed Friends tab refreshing Friend entries with correct status, upon joining Private Group or Open Play.
  • Comms - All tabs in the Comms panel have recieved some visual improvements.
  • Crew Lounge - Fixed an issue in the crew lounge where going over the crew limit (via rehiring fired crew) would allow the UI to enter a broken state where you can continually hire crew.
  • Starport UI / Terminals - Fixed softlock when opening Local News in Starport Services or Terminal Screens
  • Starport UI / Terminals - Fixed padding & legibility issues within the UI for these areas.
  • Terminals - Updated the terminals notifications icons for staff and facilities so that they can now be marked by wing members.
  • Squadrons UI - Fixed filters navigation not being reset.
  • Main Menu - Fixing an ultra-wide screen texture which obscures the edges of the screen for UI purposes.
  • Tech Broker - Fixed Tech broker hardpoints icons so they display correct weapon type from gimballed / turreted / fixed.
  • Outfitting - Replaced the pip progress bar on the store multiple modules popup with a regular pop up bar to avoid it extending off the popup when numbers reach a certain amount.
  • Humanoid HUD - Added team members icon markers in compass to indicate what's been marked by them on a terminal.
  • Weapon/Suit Vendor - Update made to the player loadouts so when you are upgrading your suit or weapon, the grade indicator will now be blue in line when the rest of the information pertaining to the upgrade.
  • Weapon/Suit Vendor - Added subtitles to the suit/weapon vendor states for UI so that they will appear when purchasing suits/weapons.
  • Shipyard - Updated the shipyard so that we make sure all text is translated before we truncate it, this avoids issue where text was incorrectly appearing as "..." despite actually fitting in the area provided.
  • Shipyard - Added a warning message for transferring you current ship to your location when it has cargo in it.
    • This message should inform the player that there cargo will be discarded.
  • Vista Genomics - Fixed an issue in the Vista Genomics contact UI where navigating the buttons at the bottom of the home panel with WASD would cause the focus to reset back to the grid at the top.
  • A discard mode for the onfoot inventory transfer panel has been added.
  • The "View Gamer Card" button on crew role panel for PC has been removed, as this is only meant for Xbox.
  • The Crew role tab has been removted when irrelevant (Ships with no multicrew seats and no npc crew).
  • An issue has been fixed whereby heatsink and shield cell ammo levels could become out of sync between modules tab and HUD.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby extremely large value combat bonds would be displayed incorrectly preventing hand-in.
  • Fixed a missing title in unsafe temperatures notification.
  • Added headbob intensity slider to graphics options.

Can No Longer Be Reproduced:
The following issues are no longer reproduceable in Update 7. We believe this is due to other work carried out on associated code and that these issues are now fixed.
If you encounter these issues again following Update 7, you can let us know via Issue Tracker.
  • When undiscovered Anemones are registered in the Codex they disappear after relogging. This no longer occurs.
  • Mission reward materials are no longer missing.
  • Mining deposit fragments are no longer in instances where they are stuck inside rocks.
  • Scatter now appear in both eyes for the player, when viewed in VR.

To help you all digest the update information a little better, there is an additional post which includes the quality of life update notes for Horizons only on all platforms.
I'll need to update this thread with a handy link...note to self.

Thanks again for the continued warmth, enthusiasm and constructive thoughts and feedback as we continue onward with additions and improvements to the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

Will be here to read your thoughts!


Source and further reading - Patch notes - Elite Dangerous Odyssey: Update 6.01 - https://gam3play.com/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-update-6-01.921/
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