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Simulation Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Update 6

Greetings Commanders!

The time is almost upon us as the day of deployment for Update 6 has arrived.

Deployment and Downtime schedule:
  • Servers for both Elite Dangerous Odyssey and Horizons will be offline across all platforms from approximately 13:45 UTC / 14:45 BST today, July 29.
    • Reasons for Horizons server downtime [general admin]:
      • A text update for a present galnet article.
      • A tweak to stop issuing blank mission tip offs (Also included in Odyssey).
  • Deployment should take no longer than around 15 minutes, give or take a moment or so.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 6 [ODYSSEY ONLY]

Updates Of Note
  • Planets! Visual improvements to planet surfaces, colour and texture have been implemented.
  • Outfitting option added to purchase module and immediately store, instead of installing on ship (if you watched this week's Supercruise News, this is the one Bruce wanted to shout about, but we needed a double check on status).
  • Camera Suite rework - Rather than allowing movement thorugh geometry and fading out the camera when occluded ("the blackout"), the camera now tests for collisions and prevents movement into collidable geometry (more info and discussion on these update 6 improvements can be found here).
  • AMD Super-resolution has now been integrated.
    • You should now experience an increase in game performance, as rendering is enabled at a lower resolution and then upscaled, rather than rendering at a constant full resolution.
    • There's also the additional bonus of this integration making the game look even more beautiful.
    • Can be used to upscale the resolution when supersampling is set to less than 1x output resolution.
  • Enforcer Troops armed with rockets have been added into the game (they use the KA-L6).
  • A fix has been implemented for previously invisible scatter rocks and organics.
  • Ship ammo and heatsink stock will no longer replenish automatically when entering supercruise (sorry).
  • Science contact - Fixed material donations for the science contact (CG contribution), whereby the donation event would be fired as soon an input was received, resulting in the impression that donations were only possible one material at a time.
  • Updated the crashed Type9 at Hyford's Cache in Colonia to have a scannable data point
  • (Try not to cheer too loudly, you might wake someone) Elite Dangerous should now exit "cleanly" without the 'black screen hang'.

  • AI now predominantly face in the direction they are patrolling, whilst also smoothing out their turning.
  • Fixed some issues with AI door authorisations.
  • Skimmers now have a lower detection range for humanoids than they do for ships.
  • Female Omnipol art assets are now correctly selected.
  • Improved the head turning behaviour of patrolling AI in social spaces, to make it look more natural.
  • Stopped AI attempting to scan players who are in unreachable positions.
  • Added Enforcer archetype.
  • Reduced occurrences of AI talking over each other in social spaces.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause AI to get stuck in an animation state.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause AI to get stuck in conversations.
  • Smoothed out occasional animation jitters when AI face suspicious activities.
  • Fixed naming of Scientist to allow a certain Massacre mission to be completed as intended.
  • Reduced performance spike caused when spawning AIs in a dropship, by staggering them over several frames.
  • Stopped docking crimes being flagged in conflict zones.
  • AI vision ranges now scaled based on the size of an observed object.
  • Fixed an issue that could case taxis to get stuck when navigating to locations with small ring systems.
  • Allowed dropships to avoid deploy points that are obstructed by SRVs.
  • Enabled supercruise assist to steer away from planets if their incoming speed is too high.
  • Fixed an issue where military ships could interdict the player and then not scan them.
  • Fixed an issue where scavengers could clip through the ground at thargoid imprint sites.

  • Improved replication for tools' audio and VFX states to other players.
  • Mix change to make ships and landing pads more audible when inside social spaces and buildings.
  • Audio no longer remains audible when downloading from a data port, despite audio set to Muted.
  • Added some variation to menu data “blips” in the tutorial intro screen, so they aren’t as similar to the main menu.
  • Fix implemented for tutorial music stopping abruptly when you open the airlock.
  • Fix implemented for some audio, like breathing, remaining audible during the fade to black in the tutorial load screen.
  • Mix changes to voice comms have been made to soften occasional harshness e.g. Tutorial and conflict zone coordinator.
  • Tweaks to humanoid weapons so the volume doesn’t drop as quick from close-medium distance.
  • Tweak to NPC voices so panning isn’t so hard at a distance.
  • Mix change applied on footsteps to even out volumes when moving between different surfaces.
  • A fix for voice comms has been implemented to become quieter than expected at low suit power.
  • Improvements for on-foot combat music and its transitions have been made.
  • A fix has been implemented for bullet impacts not being consistently audible for rapid fire weapons.
  • FA fix has been implemented for ship to ship transitions, to ensure audio remains smooth throughout.
  • Mix improvements have been made to turbo lift doors.
  • Audio logs have been reinstated for The Chromosome Incident.
  • A mix change has been implemented to crouch in/out sounds for flight suits so the...squeaking noise...it isn’t quite as loud.
  • Mix changes have been applied for shield grenades – transition between inside and outside should be smoother.
  • NPC crewmates will be less shy and have more consistently triggered dialogue.
  • Taxi pilot dialogue now remains audible while in vanity cam.
  • A fix has been implemented for brief sounds not receiving the correct reverb value.
  • A fix has been implemented for the listener getting stuck at the origin if exiting the game while interacting with the ship vendor.
  • A fix has been implemented for player location states not being updated correctly, which could result in missing audio after boarding a ship.
  • A fix has been implemented for suit feedback lines being interrupted if your ship is destroyed while on-foot.
  • A fix has been implemented for some Foley sounds using first person sounds in third person and vice versa.

  • A fix has been implemented for missing thruster effects on female backpacks.
  • A fix has been implemented for Electricae being shown as a 'space' discovery in the codex instead of a 'planet-side' discovery.
  • Fixes have been implemented for crashes caused by selecting certain authored planets (e.g. Pluto).
  • Improved render culling of rooms to improve stability.
  • A fix has been implemented for a crash that could occur when Players approached legacy settlements.
  • Cargo ejected by SRVs in garages will now be deleted rather than ejected, matching the behaviour of docked ships and preventing fines for littering.
  • A fix has been implemented where legacy engineered modules were not being flagged correctly and so could not be converted to current engineering.
  • A decrease to invite requirements has been set for weapons and suits engineer Kit Fowler - now you have to sell 10 opinion polls to the bartender instead of 20.
  • Commodity market and black market first time trade should be tracking properly again, allowing to progress with engineer invite requirements as expected.
  • Corrected costs of weapon accuracy, range and headshot damage modifications.

Mega ships
  • A fix has been implemented for megaships where the cargo wouldn't get correctly ejected from cargo bays.
  • Fix implemented for the Manticore Oppressor no longer being able to ADS after applying a paintjob.
  • Interfaces that automatically stow weapons (e.g. the humanoid access panel) will no longer draw the weapon again when exited.
  • Various fixes have been implemented for livery and customisation interactions.
  • A fix has been implemented for where the bartender not allowing trades if your backpack is full. They will now take into account the items you are trading out of the backpack, assigning space.
  • Motherload asteroid mineral chunks have been stopped from spawning inside the asteroid when cracked open.
  • Notification added to inform you as to why the overload mode of the powerlink tool does nothing when you try to use it without enough energy.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby tools (eg. the scanner) would generate fines when used inside no fire zones at planetary ports.
  • Illegal interactions (Hacking, taking stolen/illegal items, pressing illegal consoles) now require a press and hold for 1 second to avoid accidental criminal activity.
  • Added /team and /t as a synonym for /wing in comms input.
  • Changed "Voice" setting in comms panels to "Auto Decline Incoming Voice Requests", which better reflects what it actually does.
  • Fix implemented for the cutting tool reticule not appearing green at the edge of the airlock cuttable panels.
  • Ship Display in Inter-Astra locations has been made interactable.
Lighting & VFX
  • Flashlights will no longer change colour based on relationship with player (enemy flashlights will not be red).
  • Fix implemented for search lights bleeding into social spaces in High Tech stations, causing lighting changes.
  • Fix implemented to reflections not appearing correctly in cells on Detention Ships
  • Fix implemented for ship cockpit warning lights being overly obtrusive and occasionally pulsing excessively.
  • Lighting has been added for airlock forcefields.
  • Fix implemented for a water effect protruding into a room ceiling - water effect also improved.
  • Players can no longer block visual clarity of key UI interfaces with bullet decals.
  • Improvements to star visuals have been made, including lensflares, solar flares, lighting values for particular rare stars and star corona textures. This also includes additional improvements to the Neutron Star and White Dwarves.
  • Fixed Point Of Interest missions failing to spawn their POIs correctly. This impacts:
    • Larceny
    • Retrieval
    • Recovery
    • Salvage
    • Scavenge
    • Assassination / Takedown Target Fleeing wrinkle.
  • Fixed POI missions not registering when secondary commanders had picked up a mission item.
  • Visual improvements have been made to mission titles by splitting mission type and subtitle into separate lines.
  • Fixed Ram Tah missions not displaying a timer.
  • Updated Onslaught Tipped Off wrinkle flow to make settlement hostile upon arrival, including settlement defences.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple commanders could load into the same instance with any item-related mission type and have their missions pick the same container, causing one to be overridden.
  • Fixed shared mission objectives sometimes breaking in Digital Espionage missions.
  • Fixed shared mission objectives not disappearing for secondary Commanders if the mission owning Commander disconnects or leaves the instance.
  • Fixed Non-violent missions triggering the failure state when any Commander takes down an NPC. They should now only trigger for the mission owning Commander and any secondary Commanders.
  • Fixed some broken objective lines in on foot missions.
  • Updated Professional Assassination mission targets to make them more difficult to take down.
  • Fixed mission items spawning alone in containers. Mission items should now spawn with other items when appropriate.
  • The staff list on settlement terminals will now mark targets with the mission icon.

  • A fix has been implemented for some organics bio-luminescence being excessively bright.
  • Glass shader optimisations have been made, along with fixes and scalability based on quality settings.
  • The addition of occlusion meshes for assets within station docks has been made.
  • Detail in planetary textures in the distance have been improved.
  • A fix has been implemented for when planetary fine textures sometimes wouldn't load in correctly.
  • Multiple improvements, re-balances and increased variety for colouration of all planet types have been implemented.
  • Made the organics heat map still visible while in glide after dropping out of supercruise. It will then fade out when the glide completes.
  • New Ultra+ terrain quality setting added - recommended for top-end GPUs.
  • Alignment of terrain type and details to planet geometry have been improved.
  • Fixes for hard edges and colour changes have been implemented, as seen in ground textures.
  • A fix has been implemented for fine textures occasionally appearing to "flash" in some locations.
  • A fix has been implemented for textures sometimes appearing black.
  • Improvements to planet ambient occlusion have been made.
  • Colours of planets in the system map now more accurately reflect the colouration of the planets within the system.
  • A fix has been implemented for planet colours becoming desaturated on approach.
  • Planet LODs have been re-balanced and improved.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the glow on icy planet terrain.
  • Icy materials now have a greater shine.
  • Rocky materials have been improved to look more rough.
  • Ammo containers are more connected to the ground, so they are not floating anymore at Smugglers Caches.
  • A fix has been implemented for the half submerged landed Sidewinder POI.
  • Added mission POIs to the onfoot compass.
  • Lens flare and light colours in the hyperspace tunnel match star colours more closely.
  • Improvement to the starlight brightness fall off rate.
  • AMD Super-resolution has been integrated - this can work alongside the FidelityFX sharpening (see "Updates of Note" at the top of this post for more detail).
  • A fix has been implemented for previously invisible scatter rocks and organics (The cheers! Thank you once again for your help with supporting this fix).
  • A fix has been implemented for emissive textures sometimes appearing blocky near lava spouts.
  • A fix has been implemented for incorrectly positioned avatar portraits (shame. Just kidding!).
  • Improved visuals for the engine colour preview in outfitting have been made.
  • Improvements to the star lensflares have been made.
  • Visual improvements and re-balance of terminal screen have been made.

  • A fix has been implemented for crimes not being properly cleared on death and requiring relog of the game.
  • During Peak Times UK/EU Commanders were struggling to Instance with NA Commanders in a stable manner. We hope now that this has been addressed, but please do get in touch if you're still finding issues.
Settlements (new for Odyssey)
  • Added Rocket AI (ENFORCERS) to Military Settlements (watch out!).
  • A fix has been implemented for the once overlapping containers at Small Tourism Settlement.
  • Fixed settlement mining lasers switching off when alarms are activated.
  • Moved air processing unit so it does not intersect with building exterior on Large Agricultural Building.
  • Added missing Settlement alarm and authorization consoles at Industrial Settlement.
  • A habitat needed to be adjusted and set to Authority 0.
    • A particular Habitat building had an Authority level assigned, however there was trespass zone inside it, so we've removed the authority level to access the building as players will likely have to go into the tresspass zone for missions.
  • Removed Collect Mission tag for a tiny Agricultural Settlement.
    • This particular settlement type will no longer viable for collect missions.
  • A fix has been implemented where corpses could have their authorisation levels removed if the player approached the settlement from too far away.
  • A fix has been implemented for a scatter rock appearing within a specified Settlement.
  • A fix has been implemented for floating fence and lamp-posts that could occasionally be seen at some Agricultural Settlements.
Settlements (Horizons)
  • A fix has been implemented for a crash which would occur when scanning some Obelisks at Guardian Settlements.
  • Moved exit volumes so they don't overlap Thargoid imprint doors at Thargoid Imprints.
  • Improvements made to multiple decals at Guardian Sites.
  • Improvements made to lighting at Thargoid Imprint sites.

  • Added outfitting option to purchase module and immediately store, instead of installing on ship.

Quick Breath...

  • Ship ammo and heatsink stock will no longer replenish automatically when entering supercruise (sorry).
  • Added outfitting option to purchase module and immediately store, instead of installing on ship.
  • A fix has been implemented for an issue where nameplates could be initialised with incorrect/debug names in the shipyard interaction.
  • A fix has been implemented for a issue where engine system could incorrectly cache values and so continue to apply rotational correction when flight assist is switched from enabled to disabled near starports.
  • A fix has been implemented for an issue where the advanced maintenance screen would not behave correctly when in a ship that requires limpets and the commodities market is unavailable.
  • Added proper messaging when attempting to board the ship from an SRV with cargo that will not fit in the ships hold, to direct players to the transfer panel.
  • A fix has been implemented for incorrect hitchecks on multiple Ships.
  • A fix has been implemented for incorrect hitcheck on the Corvette Shield.
  • A fix has been implemented for LOD issues on the Sidewinder drive unit.
  • Additional tweaks to hitcheck materials within stations have been made, to work with the newly updated Camera Suite.
  • A fix has been implemented for some visual issues encountered on the Keelback.
  • A fix has been implemented for a number of small holes that were present in the front lights of Alliance ships.
  • Visual improvements have been made to glass reflections.
  • A fix has been implemented for missing hitchecks on Orca wing.
  • A fix has been implemented for incorrect geometry on the outside of the Viper.
  • Removed reference to the FDL Python in Vulture cockpit.
  • A fix has been implemented for a section of hull which would intersect through the floor of the Imperial Eagle cockpit.
  • Improved variety on station landing pad materials.
  • Addition of dirt and scratches to some ship materials.
  • A fix has been implemented for Adder wing tips not animating when the landing gear is deployed.
  • A fix has been implemented for Crusader engine pods not animating when the landing gear is deployed.
  • A fix has been implemented for Challenger engine pods not animating when the landing gear is deployed.
  • A fix has been implemented for the camera appearing in the Diamond Explorer cockpit incorrectly in the store screen.
  • A fix has been implemented for Diamondback engine pods and wing tips not animating when landing gear is deployed.
  • A fix has been implemented for landing pad markings at some Agricultural Settlements appearing under the landscape.
  • A fix has been implemented for Diamondback Explorer engine pods and wing flaps not animating when the landing gear is deployed - also fixes additional hitcheck issues.
  • A fix has been implemented for misplaced engine geometry on the Type-6.
  • Visual improvements to Eagle sensor booms have been made.
  • Visual improvements to plasma accelerator materials have been made.
  • Fixes have been made for a number of floating or misplaced decals on the Diamondback Explorer.
  • Several ship paintjobs have been re-balanced to closer resemble appearance in Horizons:
    • Stygian
    • SRV base colouration
    • Osiris
    • Acceleration White/Gold
    • SRV Pulse
    • Asp Vibrant
    • Crypsis
  • Multiple fixes have been made for the Federation Corvette. These include fixes for holes on topside, fixes for the alignment and fit of lower hardpoints doors, as well as added sliding covers to the huge rear hardpoints.
  • A fix has been implemented for ship geometry that would clip into the fighter hangar of Federation Corvette.
  • A fix has been implemented for a once inverted Core logo on Federation Corvette.
  • Improvements have been made to the rear camera angle of the Camera Suite for the Federation Corvette.
  • Improvements have been made to large hardpoint camera on DiamondBack Explorer.
  • A fix has been implemented for some stretched textures on the Anaconda.

Social Spaces
  • A mission giver has been moved to other end of bar so conversations don't overlap with the bar tender.
  • NPC's have been moved away from the uplight.
  • Improved messaging about anonymous access in starport terminals has been implemented.
  • Fixes have been implemented for some issues that were had with contact names not matching between station services and mission board.

Final stretch!

  • A fix has been implemented for a mismatch between the number of organics displayed in the system map and the number of DSS scan filter options.
  • All vendor conversations can now be exited via the back button.
  • A fix has been implemented for a crash which occurred when rapidly selecting/deselecting items in the station services UI.
  • Arc Cutter - Added check to prevent the Arc Cutter reticule flickering between states (As it vibrates when in use, which changes the firing angle, it could rapidly change between being too close and not)
  • Arc Cutter - When the Arc Cutter tool is too close to geometry to fire, the weapon AR has been changed to show this - the tool reticule changes to red (invalid target).
  • Arc Cutter - Added UI string for cutting tool when too close to object to cut.
  • Outfitting - Vehicle group button is prevented from being briefly visible when exiting Stored Modules in outfitting
  • Outfitting - Added warnings to equipped item / shop item pop-ups in the outfitting UI when the sell option is focused, if the module is modified or a guardian module.
  • Outfitting - Change made to the way the popup warning component is updated to avoid flickering.
  • Cockpit - Restored the dock button label for burning stations.
  • Cockpit - Changed analysis mode versions of the data link and megaship scanner gunsights to have less glow, and to be more in line with standard versions.
  • Cockpit - Changed the colour of the megaship scanner gunsight to blue when in analysis mode (except when disabled).
  • Cockpit - Restored the red disabled state of the data link scanner gunsight when in analysis mode.
  • Cockpit - The data link gunsight now changes colour in the analysis HUD mode to avoid a clash with the composition scanner gunsight.
  • Cockpit - The Shield UI is now fixed in place and will not rotate.
  • Cockpit - Fixed an issue where a string was not being translated correctly in the Cockpit info panel.
  • Cockpit - Changed shields percentage font to numeral font for consistency.
  • HUD - Added additional compass icons for wing member vessels.
  • HUD - The Suit Energy recharge bar now displays (central HUD) when charging the suit inside the ship boarding volume.
  • HUD - Additional visual fixes have been made for the new objective system.
  • HUD - Added some padding for the objective hud boxes to ensure the secondary objective tick box doesn't clip and fixed some animation issues when updating the data.
  • MapUI - An issue has been fixed whereby the Features Section is sometimes cut off at bottom of the Planetary Information tab.
  • MapUI - Route Notifications will no longer appear when attempting to plot a route to the system you are currently in.
  • MapUI - Fixed an error when opening the Surface Map while in an SRV.
  • MapUI - Increased stability in the System Map.
  • MapUI - Added a 'remove favourite' icon.
  • MapUI - Edited labels in the Manage Bookmarks popup for 'favourites' to be more consistent.
  • MapUI - Fixed an issue that could cause flickering in the Quick Plot buttons.
  • Transaction Panel - An issue has been fixed whereby focus would occasionally switch to the mission categories when in the ship transaction panel.
  • Transaction Panels - Updated and polished various aspects of the Claims/Bounties/Fines panel.
  • Transaction Panels - Fixed an issue where the Mission Owner would be listed twice in some circumstances.
  • Transaction Panels - Added new popup for Bounties, Claims and Fines.
  • Mission Board - Updated the major faction label in the aftermath panel to be localised.
  • Mission Board - The Galaxy Map button in the Passenger Missions panels should now correctly open the maps to the mission location, and the help button in the cabin selection panel should now correctly work.
  • Terminals - Fixed long settlement names being truncated.
  • Terminals - Fixed an issue whereby Anonymous protocol seemed to be used on a terminal despite no fines or bounties.
  • Terminals - Fixed an issue whereby the terminal is immediately unlocked and accessed without a loading animation when using e-breach.
  • Tech Broker - Added image substitution support to Tech Broker to display icons.
  • Tech Broker - Text formatting issues have been addressed.
  • Engineers - Updated input handling code for Engineer Workshops, fixing an issue where the material list wouldn't disappear automatically.
  • Engineers - Updated the Engineers Workshop to change the title text based on if the player is ranked or invited.
  • Docking menu - Fixed an instance of an "unintentional mini-game" whereby you wouldn't know what button would be focused after using a quick action. Apologies for all accidental launches...
  • Codex - Fixed localisation & text overflow issues in codex > CMDR stats section.
  • Livery - Fixed controller input handling in Livery.
  • Advanced Maintenance - Made the limpet stepper buttons disable when they reach 0/max to fix a bug where the audio would play indefinitely.
  • Bartender - Fixed an issue whereby data was not being displayed on the bartender screen.
  • Bartender - Updated capacity text for the bartender to be more accurate.
  • Options menu - Made the controls icon and name in the options screen match the category of controls that has been selected.
  • Shipyard - Added padding support to UI scroll panes so that they don't truncate text/icons off.
  • Shipyard - Fixed an issue where text was not getting the correct formatting to be translated and could be truncated if the name was too long.
  • Shipyard - Fixed a few focusing issues in shipyard.
  • Shipyard - Updated the manufacturer names in some ship data to fix an issue whereby said ships would not appear in their correct manufacturer filter.
  • Vista Genomics - Fixed an issue whereby focus would disappear on the biology contact vendor after selecting a system's data to sell.
  • Loadout - Fixed visualisation errors when creating a new loadout from your ship.
  • Science contact - Fixed material donations for the science contact (CG contribution), whereby the donation event would be fired as soon an input was received, resulting in the impression that donations were only possible one material at a time.
  • Vanity Cam - Hide mouse flight control GUI while using vanity camera.

As always, thanks so much for your continued support and enthusiasm for Elite Dangerous on this Odyssey all of its own. We value each and every one of you for your feedback and patience as we continue onward with crafting this amazing Galaxy.

See you in the black, Commanders o7

Source and further reading - Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 6 - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-update-6.586906/