Anyone still use CB radio these days?


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Anyone still use CB radio these days? Around my way it just seems to be a few alkys and wanabe DJs. I remember when most of the channels were booming but now it seems to be dying out. Is the internet to blame or is there someplace else people use to natter over the airwaves?
In 2022 I purchased a President McKinley and a Midland M-30 for the car and decent mag mount aerials to go with them. They've been put in the cupboard and have been there for the last year or so 😆

There's not really much happening in my area on CB (Burnley, Lancashire). I think people just moved to online stuff. I do miss the CB days back in the 90's, all channels were more or less packed with people nattering away, and people going mobile and eyeballing 👁️

I do hope it gets going again, I had a blast back in the day with good friends, and CB is really handy for backup comms just in case systems go down.
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