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new world

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  1. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World Update 1.1.1

    New World Update 1.1.1 will release at 11pm PT (7am UTC) on November 30. Greetings Adventurers! This week’s update is focused on resolving some of the issues that have arisen from our November Update. Our development team is continually working on improving the New World experience and they...
  2. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World Update 1.1: Into the Void

    NEW WEAPON: VOID GAUNTLET The Void Gauntlet has manifested in Aeternum. Manipulate the powers of the Void to support your allies and debilitate your enemies with this magical damage/support hybrid weapon. It’s the first weapon to scale on both Intelligence and Focus, making it a great pairing...
  3. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World Update 1.0.5

    New World Update: 1.0.5 will release at 7AM PT (2PM UTC) on November 4. Greetings, Adventurers! This week’s update introduces more general changes and bug fixes. We’d like to thank you for your patience as our team continues to work on resolving issues, and for your continued reports on our...
  4. Brunlea

    New World New World chat exploit bug

    There's currently a serious chat exploit in New World. One exploit lets you insert an image from the game database to a silly size in the chat window, another exploit creates a yellow box on your screen and apparently a fatal one lets you crash the game client of other people when they hover...
  5. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World Update 1.0.4

    New World Update 1.0.4 will release for the Central Europe, US East, South America, and AP Southeast regions at 10PM PT (5AM UTC) on October 27. US West will begin downtime at 11PM PT (6AM UTC) on October 27. Greetings, Adventurers! Update 1.0.4 is primarily focused on fixing the top issues...
  6. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World Update: 1.0.3 and Server Transfer

    New World Update 1.0.3 will release at 10PM PT (5AM UTC) on October 19. Please see below for the full server transfer rollout plan. Greetings, Adventurers! With this update we have laid the final groundwork for the server transfer feature. We’ve also included a swathe of bug fixes — thanks...
  7. Brunlea

    New World The audio and music in New World

    The audio, sounds and the music in New World are absolutely terrific. You can listen to the music album for New World on the following video:
  8. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World Update: 1.0.2

    New World Update: 1.0.2 will release at 3AM PT (10AM UTC) on October 13. Greetings Adventurers! This week’s update brings in another swathe of bug fixes, alongside laying additional groundwork for the upcoming server transfer feature. Many members of our team are still working tirelessly on...
  9. Brunlea

    New World New World item Egede Serpe - How to add to your home

    If you catch a Egede Serpe whilst fishing you will need to salvage it so you can place the item that is salvaged into your home. The original item: The item you get for your home once salvaged: And this is what it looks like :) :
  10. Brunlea

    New World How to remove the UI in New World for screenshots

    To remove the UI so you can take some great screenshots in New World do the following: ALT + H That's it. No 20 minute long video explaining how to do this. Just press ALT and H together :) You're welcome!
  11. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World Update: 1.0.1

    New World Update: 1.0.1 will release at 3AM PT (10AM UTC) on October 6. Greetings, Adventurers! What a week it has been! We’re humbled and honored by the amount of adventurers that have begun to make their mark on Aeternum. Last week we shared that our top priority was ensuring that everyone...
  12. Brunlea

    Patch Notes New World release notes

    Here are the release notes for the launch of New World: World Experience World Fixed the following to respawn rates for named AI that are required for Quest completion: Master Henry Gheist Maliko Pastor Walsh Quests Fixed a bug that caused completing certain side quests could block...
  13. Brunlea

    New World New World from Amazon Games

    The New World MMO from Amazon Games is due to release 31st August 2021. The game has been delayed due to Covid and is currently going through Alpha and Beta stages. Official website - New World - https://www.newworld.com/ The MMO is going to be free to play after buying the base game and it...

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