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amazon games

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  1. Brunlea

    New World New World chat exploit bug

    There's currently a serious chat exploit in New World. One exploit lets you insert an image from the game database to a silly size in the chat window, another exploit creates a yellow box on your screen and apparently a fatal one lets you crash the game client of other people when they hover...
  2. Brunlea

    New World New World item Egede Serpe - How to add to your home

    If you catch a Egede Serpe whilst fishing you will need to salvage it so you can place the item that is salvaged into your home. The original item: The item you get for your home once salvaged: And this is what it looks like :) :
  3. Brunlea

    New World New World from Amazon Games

    The New World MMO from Amazon Games is due to release 31st August 2021. The game has been delayed due to Covid and is currently going through Alpha and Beta stages. Official website - New World - https://www.newworld.com/ The MMO is going to be free to play after buying the base game and it...

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