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  1. J1xx3r

    "Games as a Service" is Fraud.

    Games as a Service is Fraud. Decent vid that explains and goes into great detail. The most comprehensive video on "games as a service" and why it's fraud that you're likely to see. WARNING: This is more boring than my usual videos. This was created as the beginning of an effort to get law...
  2. J1xx3r

    Shooter Clan Challenge

    I want to set a little task for the clan which i feel is good training/preparation for raids and a great way for you get to know some more of your clan mates in discord and doing missions. You have to be in a full clan team, complete a 4 man mission on hard without anyone downed! Once...
  3. J1xx3r

    Shooter Basic Squad Tactics & Shouts

    I know a lot of you have probably done tons of raids in other games and some of this might be a bit basic for you. Still feel it is quite key to just get these basics out there for those that might be quite new to it all, Positioning and Planning. Good idea to work out who has what in terms of...
  4. J1xx3r

    Shooter Clan applications

    Because we are now pretty much full now. i thought we should have an area where people can apply to our clan on a first come first serve basis. If you want to join our clan, please post in the enrol area giving a little detail so we can action when spaces become available. Enrol -...
  5. J1xx3r

    MMO Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

    I found this little strat on steam yesterday, was chatting about it on teamspeak3 so thought i should share.
  6. J1xx3r

    Subliminal Messages in the flesh

    And that my friends is why i watch very little TV and all its bullshit advertisements! There is your proof of how such a basic hand drawn image can manipulate so many minds, now think of the sophisticated CGI and special effects in other programmes, quite funny how they call it a programme hmmmm...
  7. J1xx3r

    MMO Guild Structure & Info

    Hey people, here is a little extra detail about the guild and who does what :) The Dauntless Few is a small UK/EU guild mainly focusing our efforts into raiding the 12 man Trials. We casually play PvP for fun, there is usually a group on Discord most nights in Cyrodiil. We made a decision to...
  8. J1xx3r

    Shooter Quake Champions

    ok so most of you know about me being a die hard quake vet and fan boy :-) I have been involved in the new Quake Champions Closed beta recently and just love it! So i have 3 beta keys to invite friends if anyone fancies a blast give us a shout :-D
  9. J1xx3r

    On the Lash!

    couple of images there of me Des & Andy on the lash! Also includes some Archage mates Barney Faz and.... erm lol was a good night we was all completely hammered!
  10. J1xx3r

    Shooter The most satisfying grenade of all time!

    Holy crap @Desard linked this on FB lololol fucking awesome!
  11. J1xx3r

    Look what i did LOL

    Had an embarrassing day yesterday, such a nightmare having safety division stamped on my works van lol, the piss taking has begun! very lucky though, dont think there was any damage other than a mangled hub cap lol
  12. J1xx3r

    Shooter BF1 Recruitment thread

    I have posted a BF1 recruitment thread; help bump and lets get this show on the road!
  13. J1xx3r

    Shooter BF1 Roll Call

    ok so the BF1 train will kick off tonight! I have my key now, so will be downloading and gathering the troops! Recruitment will also start rolling! I have been watching a lot of vids on the launch from various well known youtubers and it seems like it runs great, is well balanced and is...
  14. J1xx3r

    say hello to my little friend!

    1 £294.99 Haswell-E, 6 Core, 3.3GHz Clock, 3.6GHz Turbo, 15MB, 28 Lane, 140W, CPU Scansure £294.99 £353.99 1 £133.32 Corsair Graphite Series 780T Black Full Tower Case w/o PSU Scansure £133.32 £159.98 1 £73.74 16GB (4x4GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black, PC4-19200 (2400), Non-ECC...
  15. J1xx3r

    MMO Crowfall (MMORPG)

    Guys i know a few of us are aware of this game but i wanted to create a thread and see what your opinions are on it. Crowfall - The Official Crowfall Wiki - Crowfall -...
  16. J1xx3r

    Action and adventure Mafia III

    Well this game looks really impressive, and the level of violence is taken up a notch from GTA i feel, lol its brutal, seen one mission where this mob boss is getting a blow job from a handcuffed women. You slit throats and stab people in the eye and all sorts. Home MAFIA III -...
  17. J1xx3r

    MMO Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

    Calling all ARPG fans! Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is currently in early access on steam, although i am still holding out as i think it might be just a little early to fully enjoy the game. If you wanted to get involved in testing and bug reporting then by all means jump in! Steam Page Wolcen...
  18. J1xx3r

    MMO tG Game Support & Recruitment

    Thread Title EU MGC Recruiting Guild/Team Name (HERE) talkGEEK community is an English speaking Multi Gaming Community. Our main aim is having fun with no drama or pressures of winning but with a focus on competitive gaming in popular FPS games. We also play MMO’s and other Co-op Games...
  19. J1xx3r


    STARTS AUGUST 31 It's almost time to go boots on the ground at the dawn of all-out war. The Battlefield 1 Open Beta begins on August 31 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC. You’ll be deploying into the Sinai Desert map and trying out two modes: Conquest and Rush. Source
  20. J1xx3r

    Shooter BF1 Platoon

    Some of you are aware but I would like to just inform all about our BF1 plans. We will be recruiting both casual and competitive players for this game. Am really keen to rebuild our competitive FPS teams and keep them well supported. We will be purchasing a BF1 server on launch for the...
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