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  1. Frontier have slightly delayed the release of Alpha access to Elite Dangerous Odyssey. Read more below: Greetings Commanders, We wanted to share an update with you regarding the ongoing development of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. 2020 was a difficult year for many, but in spite of those challenges we are pleased with our progress towards what is a truly ambitious new era for the game. We’ve been delighted with the excitement and positive response to our development diaries, interviews, streams and trailers and want to thank all of you for your continued suppor
  2. Neal


    Just random images of life around the UK.
  3. Macco Simulations have released in early access Manchester Airport (EGCC). It is currently priced at £9.99. Their next airport, in closed beta at this time, will be Birmingham (EGBB). According to their website, the airport has been created from scratch and many hours have gone in to making sure the airport is as close to the real airport as possible. They have also said that should the airport be updated in real life then they will update their simulated version to ensure it matches. Purchasing once now gives you access to all versions in the future. From Macco Sim
  4. Neal

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    My album relating to Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  5. Boston Dynamics showing off their latest achievements with a good song 🙂
  6. Neal


    I like clouds, especially in my flight simulators 🙂
  7. From the album: Nature

    RSPCA were called and the Coot was rescued due to its injured leg.

    © Neal (Brunlea)

  8. Neal

    The Lodge, Barrow

    From the album: Nature

    © Neal (Brunlea)

  9. From the album: Nature

    RSPCA were called and the Coot was rescued due to its injured leg.

    © Neal (Brunlea)

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