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Club dedicated to X-Plane from Laminar Research.
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  2. X-Plane 11.52 Release Candidate 1 XPD-11110 Fix for crash if we failed to initialize RakNet at all. XPD-11116 CLI work-around to turn Vulkan off. XPD-11156 Fixed cockpit panel texture becoming invalid after a livery load in some circumstances. XPD-11161 Dataref access to FMOD. Source and further reading - X-Plane 11.52 Release Notes | X-Plane (x-plane.com)
  3. Release Candidate 1 Fixed FMS file not working with X-airports with 7-letter custom ID. Actually remove deprecated airports. Find orphaned approach transitions that dangle at the end of EGLL.dat in Navigprah cycle 2013. Recognize more circling approaches. XSG-11071 Misaligned ILS at NZAA. XPD-11048 Can’t use ext visuals without the aircraft of the master machine in Vulkan. XPD-11079 Fixed inverted normal maps in Vulkan/Metal with HDR off. XPD-11092 Fixed cylindrical projection not working on multi-monitor with Vulkan. Source
  4. Beta 3 Gateway airports approved as of Nov. 24 added. XPD-7986 Rain now displays correctly in multimonitor. Networking fixes: Support clients talking across different IP protocols. Fixed erroneous messages about not receiving/replying from exvis machines. Fix for potential crash when changing roles. Source and further reading - X-Plane 11.51 Release Notes | X-Plane (x-plane.com)
  5. Beta 2 Additional log info to investigate issues with Reverb G2 controllers. Additional diagnostics via Aftermath for investigating device loss crashes (requires Nvidia driver 457.09). Portuguese translation updated. XPD-10194 Updated docs & override datarefs for sling object. XPD-11031 Nvidia driver crash in OGL when accessing settings. Source and further reading - X-Plane 11.51 Release Notes | X-Plane (x-plane.com)
  6. Beta 1 Updated translations for most languages. Updated & additional joystick config files. Device loss crashes on Vulkan/Windows should be less frequent. XPD-10617 CTD when using “regenerate icons for current aircraft (and livery). XPD-10836 Device loss crashes on Metal/Mac should be less frequent. XPD-11003 Metal has been disabled for Nvidia-based Macs on 10.15 because it hangs. XPD-11025 Plane Maker 11.50 breaks the .acf file when periods are changed to commas. XPD-11028 Crash in the map. XPD-11030 Switching liveries a coupl
  7. A fantastic addon for X-Plane is xOrganizer from 4xplanenl. It helps you manage plugins, scenery and so much more to help keep things organised and running smoothly. You can purchase xOrganizer from the x-plane.org store. Watch a great tutorial from Captain K-Man:
  8. Release notes for X-Plane 11.50 Beta 1 to Release. Release Candidate 3 Work around AMD driver update 20.8.3 crashing with Vulkan. XPD-10758 Fixed C172 trim wheel manipulator on Vulkan. XPD-11009 Windows clipping in OpenGL. Release Candidate 2 Updated Honeycomb .joy file. Updated Italian translation. XPD-10804 Hopefully fixed crashing in paging plan. XPD-10805 This fixes 3 race conditions in the location task. XPD-10990 Probing terrain might be skewed. XPD-10995 Fixed shadows cut off on GL.
  9. If you want to give feedback, ideas and suggestions for the latest X-Plane version then visit the Laminar Research X-Plane website on the following link: https://feedback.x-plane.com/

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